Omar Blyde

Pianist, Composer, Music Producer, Audio Engineer

Music for Film/Tv/media/games

Professional musician born in South America, from an early age I acquired an important Latin influence that later merged with Anglo music. As a teenager I started the love for jazz, which led me to study jazz piano with great teachers. After being a professional musician, I was captivated by audio and recording, thus conducting several workshops.

As well as a graduated musician, I am an electronic engineer with a master's degree in marketing.

I am the founder of one of the most prestigious music schools in Venezuela and I run my own recording studio. 

As a music producer, I am passionate about creativity, which has led me to compose different and special music for many projects.

Recently the US government honored me by giving me the American Residence thanks to my musical work

Portfolio of instrumentals: more than 1.000 tracks. Providing reliably high quality music to the industry on a regular basis. Some of my music is available directly from NatGeo, Disney+ and Warner Bros Discovery Music libraries.

I have been producing music for these TV Shows: