Omar Blyde

Pianist, Composer, Music Producer, Audio Engineer

Music for Film/Tv/media/games

Professional musician born in South America, from an early age I acquired an important Latin influence that later merged with Anglo music. As a teenager I started the love for jazz, which led me to study jazz piano with great teachers. After being a professional musician, I was captivated by audio and recording, thus conducting several workshops.

As well as a graduated musician, I am an electronic engineer with a master's degree in marketing.

I am the founder of one of the most prestigious music schools in Venezuela and I run my own recording studio. 

As a music producer, I am passionate about creativity, which has led me to compose different and special music for many projects.

Portfolio of instrumentals: more than 1.000 tracks. Providing reliably high quality music to the industry on a regular basis. Some of my music is available directly from NatGeo, Disney+ and Warner Bros Discovery Music libraries.

I have been producing music for these TV Shows: